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Why FireWatch

Proven Bushfire Detection Technology

Purpose-built for early bushfire detection, FireWatch outperforms any conventional early bushfire detection method or technology, including human firespotters, CCTV, spectroscopy, satellite and thermal infrared.

IQ FireWatch

The FireWatch early bushfire detection system is based upon technology developed by the German Aerospace Institute (DLR) as part of the NASA Mars Pathfinder Mission. The European Space Agency had the responsibility of surveying the surface of Mars prior to the Pathfinder vehicle landing on the Red Planet, and it is this patented scanning technology that  IQ FireWatch developed into the FireWatch early bushfire detection system.

  • Advanced Detection

  • Superior Technology & Range

  • Night Vision

  • 20 Years Research

  • Superior Optical Sensors

  • Cost Effective

Advanced Detection Methods for Best Performance

The human eye and color cameras are restricted to seeing the visible spectrum between 400-680 nm. The FireWatch sensor is able to observe a much larger spectral range of 400-1,100 nm. This means that the FireWatch system is fully adaptable for all regions, vegetation and operating conditions and even fires starting at night can be detected due to the light they create reflecting off the smoke. Read more …

Superior Technology & Range

Depending on the weather conditions and visibility, the FireWatch system has detected smoke plumes at distances of over 60km in the Australian trials in 2010. To ensure reliable performance in misty and cloudy conditions, we recommend factoring in a more conservative detection range of 15km in all directions. Read more …

Night Vision

With the enhanced spectral sensitivity and near-infrared sensing capabilities, the FireWatch system has been specifically designed to perform at night. With 26% of all bushfires in Australia caused by lightning strikes mostly occurring at night, the unique ability of the FireWatch system to automatically detect the presence of smoke at night is of significant importance and gives firefighters a strategic advantage they don’t have currently. Read more …

20 Years Research

More than 20 years and over 100,000 hours of research and development have been invested into the design and continuous improvement of the FireWatch technology.  We continue to collaborate closely with the German Aerospace Institute (DLR) in this development. The FireWatch team are a group of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced engineers, who are experts in their field. Read more …

Superior Optical Sensors vs CCTV

The FireWatch System uses BW Optical Sensors to detect bushfire smoke because it detects smoke faster, with image fidelity and resolution 400% better than CCTV cameras. Read more …

Cost Effective

Taking into account the overall system performance, emergency standard quality and reliability, the FireWatch system offers the lowest capital and operational costs outcome when compared to other cheaper capital cost products.  FireWatch is engineered and manufactured to survive in the harshest environments. Read more …

FireWatch Early Smoke Detection

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