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FireWatch Bushfire Detection Results

The results of the FireWatch system in the Trials in Victoria and New South Wales were positive and mirror the successful experience of the German Forest Authority over the past nine years.

Results from the FireWatch system in the Trials in Victoria and New South Wales were as follows:

  • The FireWatch system detected 347 fire events from 24 February to 9 May 2010
  • Approximately 10% of these detections occurred at night
  • Fires were detected at distances ranging from 1.6km to 65.5km from the towers.

A representative sample of the fire alert reports is contained in the FireWatch Stage 2 Trial Proposal document (Appendix 1). A full set of the reports is available upon request, please contact us if you require additional information.

FireWatch bushfire detections in NSW

FireWatch bushfire detections in New South Wales

FireWatch bushfire detections in Victoria

FireWatch bushfire detections in Victoria

Fire frequency comparison, Germany

The statistics shown here were published by the Federal State of Brandenburg / Germany. The chart shows the average frequency of occurence of fires during the course of the year and the burned areas over a 20-year period. The years 2003 and 2006 are not representive because many big fires starts in areas with old ammunition from First and Second World War and from military trainings of Soviet Army. This ammunition ignites itself and the fire cannot be extinguished.

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