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Introducing FireWatch

FireWatch is the groundbreaking result of combining over 20 years of dedicated research and development with the cooperation of key scientific institutions. The output is patented technology that works as an early warning system for bushfire smoke and bushfire detection.

Technology Leadership

After 20 years of continuous development, FireWatch outperforms any conventional bushfire detection method.

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Award Winning Technology

Designed for space, the patented FireWatch technology has been successfully adopted for terrestrial usage.

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Bushfire Management

After 20 years of continuous development, FireWatch outperforms any conventional wildfire detection method.

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The Game Changer For Bushfire Management

FireWatch is a terrestrial, digital, remote surveillance system capable of observing wooded regions over a large area … larger than traditional bushfire detection systems

The FireWatch system will analyse, evaluate, link and store the collective data, classifying the incoming data in multiple ways, connected to a central station. In the event of a recognised source of fire, it automatically sends out an alarm.

The FireWatch system operates 24/7, during daylight hours and night time with optical sensors incorporating enhanced spectral sensitivity with near-infrared (NIR) sensing Night Vision capabilities. It has an extensive detection range and has proven to be a cost effective system to implement.

Due to its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability the FireWatch system enables earlier detection of bushfire smoke than human and CCTV systems. FireWatch Tower Trials run in Victoria and New South Wales demonstrated impressive results detecting day and night fire events up to 65.5km from the towers.

The FireWatch bushfire detection system is based upon technology developed by the German Aerospace Institute (DLR) as part of the NASA Mars Pathfinder Mission. The European Space Agency had the responsibility of surveying the surface of Mars prior to the Pathfinder vehicle landing on the Red Planet, and it is this patented scanning technology that innovative German company IQ Wireless developed into FireWatch.

FireWatch Early Smoke Detection

About the FireWatch System

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