The Fire Continuum Conference 2018 was held in Missoula, Montana last week, 21 May – 25 May.

Alexander Singer, Head of Sales, and Andreas Jock, Chief Developer for IQ FireWatch, were amongst the 655 delegates to attend the conference.

A range of topics were covered, including wildfire behavior, fire ecology, and wildfire management. As was look at possible solutions to live safely with wildfires and their effects.

The conference was attended by delegates from approximately 20 countries. Over 400 workshops, presentations and field trips were offered for the international delegates to learn more about preparation for the future of wildland fires.

Andreas Jock presented about calculating smoke dimensions and locations by using calibrated optical sensors, generating interest in the audience.

Alexander Singer stated “I really enjoyed the Lolo Peak field trip. It was awesome to learn about the great management during the big 2017 wildfires. I’m sure IQ FireWatch could contribute to preventing wildfires and for fire management to become even more efficient.”

The Lolo Peak Fire were ignited by lightning strikes in mid July 2017, burning 21,800 hectares of land. The cost for these fires was calculated at US$34.6 million over the course of 3 months. Montana, along with many other US states, experienced dramatic wildfires through the summer and fall of 2017.