Whistler, BC, Canada has just seen the installation of the newest IQ FireWatch Plus system.

This FireWatch installation follows the catastrophic effects of wildfires and bushfires across North America, and other parts of the world.

The resort town of Whistler, BC, will test two IQ FireWatch Plus sensors. This trial period will last until 2020. IQ FireWatch Plus is the newest generation of FireWatch sensors that has not officially been released on the market yet.

Uwe Krane, Head of Sales Alexander Singer and Hardware/ Software Developer, visited the fire department in Whistler, B.C., Canada, to complete the installation of the new generation FireWatch sensors.

These sensors will assist the municipality with detecting wildfires and forest fires at an early stage.

The 2017 summer saw an extremely dry season for Whistler, with wildfires threatening homes and structures in the wildland urban interface. Especially wildfires like the Blackcomb with its proximity to houses in Whistler are to be prevented with IQ FireWatch Plus. According to Geoff Playfair, Fire Chief of Whistler Fire Rescue Service, another dry summer in 2018 is expected if the month of June turns out to be low in rainfall. Either way, IQ FireWatch Plus will be ready to assist in detecting early signs of fire.