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FireWatch Stage 2 Trial Proposal

FireWatch Australia is proposing an extensive roll-out of early bushfire detectioin technology across the nation.  It is described in the Australian National FireWatch Early Bushfire Detection and Management Network: Stage 2 Trial Proposal.

This report is a comprehensive document dealing with the way we as a nation can move forward to implement a 21st century solution to bushfire devastation in Australia.

The keys points are:

  • Australia is becoming hotter and dryer resulting in more frequent and more dangerous bushfires.
  • Early detection means early extinguishment – saving lives and property.
  • FireWatch is a globally proven early detection technology – over the past 12 years, areas of forest burned in Germany were reduced by 70-90% per annum using the FireWatch system.
  • The 2009-2010 Australian Trials of the Generation 2 FireWatch system showed what could be achieved using technology, detecting 347 fire events, 10% being at night.
  • The FireWatch system has been substantially improved since the Generation 2 system was trialled in 2010.  Today we implementing Generation 7 systems.
  • The proposed approach is to immediately roll-out further extensive national trials of early bushfire detection technology before the next fire season, in high risk areas across all States and Territories to fully evaluate the FireWatch early bushfire detection system.
FireWatch Stage 2 Trial Proposal
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