FireWatch Australia

Why FireWatch

FireWatch has eliminated the disadvantages of the other technologies in terms of smoke detection. FireWatch has been developed specifically for the early detection of forest and bush fires.

Superior Technology

The FIreWatch System uses BW Optical Sensors to detect bushfire smoke faster, with imagery at 4 times better resolution than CCTV cameras. Read more about the FireWatch System.

Night Vision

With enhanced spectral sensitivity with near-infrared sensing capabilities the FireWatch system has been specifically designed to perform under night conditions. With 26% of all bushfires in Australia attributed to lightning strikes and most lightning storms occurring at night, the unique ability of the FireWatch technology to automatically detect the presence of smoke at night is of significant importance. Read more about FireWatch Night Vision.

Extensive Detection Range

In addition to quality and resolution of the optical systems, the positioning of any system in the terrain and the atmospheric conditions are crucial for the detection range. The FireWatch system and placement of sensors brings these conditions in consideration. Read more about FireWatch Detection Range.

Striking Results

Despite a range of factors impacting upon the Trial, the performance of the FireWatch system in the Trials in Victoria and New South Wales were positive and mirror the successful experience of the German Forest Authority over the past nine years. Read more about the FireWatch bushfire detection results from trial tower locations.

Cost Effective

Taking into account the overall system performance, FireWatch offers lowest investment and operation costs compared to competitive solutions. Read about the FireWatch Cost Comparisons.