FireWatch Australia

FireWatch Stage 2 Trial Proposal

FireWatch Australia has just released the Australian National FireWatch Early Bushfire Detection Network: Stage 2 Trial Proposal document.

FireWatch-Stage2-Trial-ProposalThis report is a comprehensive document dealing with the way we move forward as a nation to implement a 21st century solution to bushfire devastation in Australia.

The keys points are:

  • Australia is becoming hotter and dryer resulting in more frequent and more dangerous bushfires.
  • Early detection means early extinguishment - saving lives and property.
  • FireWatch is the globally proven early detection technology - over the past nine years areas of forest burnt in Germany were reduced by more than 90% per annum using the FireWatch technology.
  • The 2009-2010 Australian Trials proved that FireWatch was the stand-out technology detecting 347 fire events, 10% being at night.
  • Next step: trials to be extended and carried out in high risk areas in all States and Territories to fully evaluate the FireWatch system.


Download the document in PDF format (6.8Mb)